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10-work-from-home-business-ideas.com logoA vending machine business is one of the best small home businesses around because your cash flow starts almost immediately.


If you have a pickup truck or van, are able to make a small investment, and can do vending machine repair when they need maintenance, this might be for you. A vending machine business has one of the highest success rates nationally.


First, check with your local authorities about licenses and permits they may require, as well as any regulations regarding your business. Register your business name with your local tax office.


Set up a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and talk to the Small Business Administration about liability insurance, machine insurance, and low cost loans if needed.


work form home vending machinesLook for new vending machines for sale as well as used vending machines. Consider the area you plan to place them in and the expected profit from them before you buy. Join local business organizations. They are a great place to meet new clients.


Then check out the area you plan to serve, for locations to put your machines. The New Business Registry will tell you about any new businesses opening in your area. Check and see if they need machines.


Just because there are machines at a location doesn't mean the the store owner is happy with the vendor he is now using. Contact him and find out if you could make him a better deal. And don't forget to ask if he has a friend who needs vending machines.


My Vending Secret EbookMy Vending Secret will help you get started in the vending machine business. It teaches the fastest and best way to get new locations for your machines.


Cash Profits With Vending Machines is a step by step guide on how to start and operate a vending machine business. Either of these courses should be invaluable as you get your business going.


Look for other high traffic locations that don't have machines now. Make a check list of all the different kinds of machines you offer, such as cigarette machines, combo vending machines, change machines, etc. as well as the type of supplies you offer.


This will help you to be able to answer questions from a prospective client when you contact him.


A video arcade may lean toward coke vending machines, chips, candy as well as healthy snacks. Also, make sure to take into consideration that some machines need an electrical outlet. And in the case of commercal coffee machines, a water supply.


Healthy vending machines have been doing quite well in offices where employees are concerned about their weight, as well as exercise centers and most other locations.


When you find a good location before anyone else you are in the drivers seat, so keep your eyes open. Look for areas with good foot traffic in an area without machines. This will help you build your vending machine business more quickly.


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