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Swimming Pool Maintenance



10-work-from-home-business-ideas.com logoA Swimming Pool Maintenance Service is usually not difficult when the pool is in good repair, and if you like working outdoors, it can give you a low key, enjoyable occupation. Pools that have been neglected can be problematic to get back in condition, so it will take some training, so consider working for a local service so you can to learn the ropes, before starting out on your own.


It isn't that expensive to start, but you will need a truck or trailer and a safe place to store your chemicals, supplies, and equipment. Start by checking your local area to make sure there are enough pools in your area to support your service. Then go to your local courthouse and inquire about required licenses and permits.


You will also need to set up liability insurance and a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) to protect you in case of misfortune. You may need to get your Pool Cleaning Certification so training may be required. About half of the states do not require certification but a training course is a good idea if you plan on making a career in pool cleaning. Having the proper training is strongly recommended.

Some county health departments give courses so check with them first. Training is also given by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, the American Lifequard Association, and the Aquatic Training Institute as well.


work from home swimming pool maintenance guy working on poolYou can find a list of approved swimming pool maintenance courses at CDC.com too. Courses can be found online which makes training easier to work into your schedule, but a sit down class allows you to ask questions and usually learn more.


Training includes learning about the chemicals and required equipment you will need in cleaning pools and spas. You will also be taught how to figure how much water loss you have because of temperature, etc. You will also learn the rate of the flow of your water system, as well as other important data needed to set up a professsional program of pool and spa maintenance.


Once you get your business license and tax I.D. number, find a wholesale pool supply outlet and get your swimming pool supplies. You will need pool testing equipment, a skimmer, and other items. Don't forget your sunscreen and sunglasses.


nice pool pictureThe Ultimate Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide shows you how to maintain a swimming pool and many insider tricks of the trade. It is an invaluable resource.


This could be a lot of help to anyone who wishes to take care of their own pool, or start a swimming pool service.


In areas where the weather does not allow swimming year round, you may wish to learn swimming pool repair such as repairing pumps, replacing lights, and broken tiles.


You will need business cards, invoices, contract forms, an organizer, and other stationary with your business name and contact information printed on them. Check your local prices as well as Vista Print.com for your swimming pool maintenance service supplies.


You will need to advertise in your local business yellow pages, the online yellow pages, with flyers in pool equipment stores, passing out business cards, word of mouth, and with a website.


Business websites have become a great way to advertise a swimming pool maintenance service because of the low cost, and they also allow you the ability to market related books and equipment. This may make you additional money online.


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