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10-work-from-home-business-ideas.com logoYour swimming pool maintenance service will need a business website. People like to search for businesses and products online and if they don't find you they may call another service. Advertising a small business on the internet is cost productive because of the low cost and the fact that everyone is online.


When people check you business website to find out information about your swimming pool service. Tell them about yourself with a picture, what training and services you offer, your prices, and comments from satisfied customers. Put your contact information on the site as well as pictures of you and your staff. Customers like to see who will be coming by to work on their pools.


work from home swimming pool maintenance guy cleaning poolI am not a fan of the free website builders found on the internet. They do not deliver the professional quality site required for a serious business site. Prospective clients may judge the professionalism of your swimming pool service by your website, so give them the best website you can.


Go to our online website design builder page for suggestions on choosing your swimming pool maintenance service website. You may also want to check our Free Masters Courses page to learn more about how to make your swimming pool service succeed.


The more your swimming pool maintenance service can do for your clients the better off you will be. Learn to repair pumps, tile, pvc pipe and any other related skill you can find. Make arrangements with other professionals in your area to take care of the repairs that you can't do, so you can solve problems for your clients by recommend good people to them.


You may wish to learn how to Solar Pool Heater Build A Solar Pool Heater For Under $100. This course has sold over 25,000 copies on Ebay! It may be something you could use to make money during the offseason. Customers are always looking for a way to get their pool heating costs lower, as well as their in house water heating. It should pay for itself quickly.


You will need business cards, invoices, contract forms, an organizer, and other stationary with your business name and contact information printed on them. Check your local prices as well as Vista Print for your swimming pool service clerical supplies.


Contact commercial pool owners such as hotels and motels, property management companies, housing developments with a pool in their common area, health clubs, as well as condominiums to see if they could use your service.


Look for businesses with a fountain at their entrance. Just because they have a service now does not mean they are happy with it.

Also check with realtors and banks to see if they have homes with pools on the market that need service. And don't forget to leave business cards everywhere you go.


Join your local Better Business Bureau), realtor organizations, and other local business organizations. They add credibility to your business as well as a great way to meet business owners who may need your service.


Mention that you belong to the Better Business Bureau, and local trade organizations by showing their logo on your website and uniforms. Join the American National Standards Institute and the National Swimming Pool Foundation. These groups will help to build trust with your clients.


We hope we have helped you decide if a swimming pool maintenance service will be the right work from home business for you.


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