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10-work-from-home-business-ideas.com logoA Mobile Vehicle Locksmith service is a business that requires some training but can earn you a good income. Expect to invest between $10,000 and $30,000 to set up your shop in a van, but you should have it paid off quicker than with other startup opportunities.


If the upfront costs are too high right now, you may start your business in your garage and get the van as soon as you can. But not having a van will make it difficult to do mobile emergency work, unless you have some quality looking vehicle already that will support your business being mobile for awhile.


Contact your local authorities and find out what is required to start a mobile vehicle locksmith service, and get any required licenses and permits to become a commercial locksmith. They should all be in your local buiness yellow pages. You will also need your locksmith certification, liability insurance, and a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) set up to protect you in case of an unfortunate situation.


work from home business mobile locksmith in vanPlease do not forget to stop by your local tax collectors office and get a tax number. Not having these permits, etc. could cause the police to wonder why you have a van full of burglary tools, that can be used on home security systems and home safes, and this could cause legal problems.


Check with the Small Business Administration (SBA.org) for loans and valuable information that will help you get your business going right. They are a valuable resource so be sure to scan their site.


If you do not have experience in running a business, get some business training before you start. Do not let your lack of business training doom your business before it starts. You will also need a good business software program to keep your finances in order. The I.R.S. and your local tax collectors office require good records, keep them happy.


lock picking bible ebookThe Lock Picking Bible is a fun way to learn about locksmithing. It teaches you how to pick all kinds of locks with tutorials, photos and videos. This product is for training only. Do not use for any illegal purpose.


One of the top reasons new businesses fail is the belief that if you are good at your trade, you can run a business as well. Business training is required to keep the books and taxes in order. Another reason is not having sufficent funds to keep their business going for 9 to 12 months while gaining enough sales to become profitable.


You will need to have professional quality tools and some of the most common key blanks. Find a good wholesale supplier such as Assured Lock, Tool and Supply. You will need a key duplicator machine and a good universal rekeying kit, and some basic hand tools.


The salespeople at your wholesale supplier will help you with the necessary tools and equipment to get your service started. If you buy tools and supplies online, make sure that they are legal in your area before ordering.


As your mobile vehicle locksmith service grows, you might be able to into home safes and home security systems for the people in your area. Sometimes they need to be rekeyed too. You might check with home safe companies.


Some municipalities do not even allow vehicle locksmith services to have certain items so be sure to check with you local police department. Your new Mobile Vehicle Locksmith business may get to do some work for your local police too. They should always have a commercial locksmith on call and that is a good recommendation to have.


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