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10-work-from-home-business-ideas.com logoIn order to make money blogging you will have to spend some careful thinking in choosing the right niche for your site. Creating a blog requires that you find a subject you are knowledgeable in, care about, and is easy for you to write about.


Also, please make sure your niche (subject) isn't saturated, or you will be fighting against too many other bloggers for your traffic. For example, if you are passionate about trees, you should pick one or two of your favorite types of trees to write about, instead of all trees.


This way you can tighten your niche, and possibly get a more focused percentage of the available traffic. Articles about other trees can always be added after you have increased your visitors.


I would suggest searching through some of the different blog websites to see which builder you like the best. Many people recommend Wordpress because they help you create a professional looking site for free, and only charges when you need additional services.


WordPress Or SBI!eFor your web hosting needs Wordpress recommends Bluehost, Dreamhost, Laughing Squid, and Media Temple . They offer differently priced services so that you can find one that fits your needs the best. If you would like to build a blog, a website, and have your hosting service all in one. I recommend SiteBuildIt (SBI). They take care of your traffic problems and other difficulties with a simple to follow step-by-step process.


Spend some time deciding on a good name for your blog. The ‘Right Name’ will help people find your blog, so make it something that relates to what you are going to write about, as well as being catchy or clever, and easy to remember.

Also, give yourself the option of bringing other related subjects to your site later so be sure the title will cover them as well. A good name will do wonders to help you to make money blogging so don't rush through this part.


blogging with pride ebookThe Blogging With Pride Masterclass The Blogging Game Is Over! The Best Sticky Recurring Blogging System Is Here & Its Here To Stay. This 26wk Course Turns You From Newbie 2 Blog Guru! An excellent study at home course.


Heads Up! They will ask for $49.00 a month for 5 months. When you close the page a new page will open with the more reasonable price. No reason for you to pay more.


blogging 100 success secrets bookCreating a blog is relatively easy, but keeping it going over time is not. To keep your ideas fresh you need to constantly write down your ideas for articles, and keep notes of your thoughts about them. This will help keep you on track when you start writing. And don't forget to research, research, research.


Now to get down to the fun. Write 10-20 quality articles about your niche. Try to find subjects that aren't covered anywhere else, and elaborate on them. You are trying to stand out from the crowd so find a different perspective, use humor if it is suitable, and let your creative juices flow. This will get more traffic to your blog than rehashing the same old subjects.


how to make money with your blog bookCheck and recheck spelling, keywords, punctuation, links, and every little thing. You are proofreading because every little mistake found will lower their opinion of your work.


Look at some of the most popular blog websites and see how their articles are written. These well written articles will show you what it takes to make money blogging so learn from them.


start your own blogging business bookPut a personal perspective into your writing. Tell stories about why you like the kind of trees you are writing about. For example, you can write about why you like them, when you saw them, where they are found, what they are used for, interesting pictures, and so on. In short, have fun writing and you will make your writing fun to read.


Now that you have learned that creating a blog can be a lot of fun, we will explain new ways of building your followers list on the next page so you can begin to make money blogging.


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