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10-work-from-home-business-ideas.com logoThere are numerous ways to make money blogging. We have already covered writing articles to gain traffic, but you may also make money writing articles from websites such as payperpost.com, writers access.com, associated content.com and others.


These sites pay you when your articles are bought by a client who wishes to use it for content on their site. This helps them and it makes a name for you. They are legitimate businesses so you don't have to worry about getting paid.


Once your traffic has grown to 100 or so visitors a day, you may begin monetizing with a few affiliate programs , or selling your own products. Make sure the sales link fits smoothly into your text, and write it as a friend telling a friend about something they enjoy. Share it, don't pitch it, or you will lose the sale.


work form home business make money blogging photoYou may also market multi-level marketing (MLM) products as long as you do not mention the business opportunity, at least not at first. Tell them about why you like the items and what they have done for you. But take it slow.


Another good way to make money blogging is with Subscription, or membership sites, as long as you have content they are willing to pay for, such as stock tips, racing tips, or indepth information on most any subject.


Make sure the market isn't saturated with this information, or you may have trouble getting paying members. This is a labor intensive type of site so be sure you have the time and inclination to keep it going, or you may lose members.


Since the best way to get listed high by the webspiders is to give out high value information, you may wish to make money blogging by just focusing on content.


For example, instead of selling MLM products, how about writing articles about various MLM companies. This way prospective distributors can just come to one place to find the company that is right for them.


Let your visitors write their opinions, pro and con, and sell ads to your site from related companies. This way you are taking the neutral high ground and will win no matter what your visitors decide. This site design can be used for most any type of content site, and could even turn into a membership site in time. Do your due diligence and invest in some of the books we recommend below to learn the finer points to help you make money blogging faster and easier.


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Captain Lucky's Recommended Training (Ebooks)





Blueprint 3.0 New Version For 2012 With The Highest Rated Auto Blogging Course On The Web. Over 40 Videos And Detailed Step By Step Instructions.


Recommended Reading From Barnes & Noble


blogging for dummies bookBlogging For Dummies From choosing software to managing comments, here's what every blogger needs to know. Whether you're blogging for fun, for money, or as part of your job, this book will help you do it better. If it's your first venture into the blogosphere, get the lowdown on software, safety, and style. If you have some experience, jump right into ways to improve your content, boost readership, add Twitter to the mix, generate income, and more!


blogging all in one for dummies bookBlogging All-in-One For Dummies Prepare to launch into the blogosphere, here's your ticket! What do you want to tell the world? Get started today with this guide to creating and solidifying your place in the blogosphere. You'll discover all the strategies and tools you'll need to launch a blog and get noticed. From selecting a platform and writing your first post to including ads and using Twitter, you'll be piloting a blog in no time!


blogging for business book Blogging to Drive Business: Create and Maintain Valuable Customer Connections Plenty of businesses are already blogging, and millions more are considering creating blogs. But how does a business build a blog that really works, really builds business and profits? How do companies identify and craft the blogging content and communities that will be most effective for them? This non-nonsense, how-to guide shows you how to go beyond "one-size-fits-all" business blogging to get the job done right.


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