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More HTML for beginners
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html for beginners 2



10-work-from-home-business-ideas.com logoWelcome to HTML for Beginners 2. We will cover some more basics and then write some practice code. As I mentioned before, if you are already computer saavy then this would be the perfect work for you. You could be your own free html editor when you make your own website.


Remember, you will not have to worry about upper or lower case letters, as html is not case sensitive. I do want to remind you that your page names should have no capitals in them, otherwise everyone will have to put capitals in them when they type them in so they can be found. I have used capitals in some of my examples to help distinguish what is code from what is not, but it is not necessary. Now we will get down to more html for beginners.


I will put some of my example code in parenthesis like " < H > " so I don't confuse the servers. You do not need to add the parenthesis in your code. They are just to keep the program from acting on my instructional code.


If you haven't already opened your free html editor, do it now. Writing these tags and attributes yourself will make learning these concepts easier to understand. When you make your own website you will need a free html editor even if you edit it yourself, just to be certain it is correct.


Type the opening " < HTML > " tag. Then space a few lines and put in the closing " < / HTML > " tag. You will write the rest of your page in between these two tags.


" < HTML > < / HTML > "


Now write your "< HEAD >" and "< BODY >" tags in between the HTML tags like this. Notice that the HTML tags do not close until the bottom of the page and the HEAD and BODY tags open and close inside the HTML tags.


work from home html for beginners sampleYou will install your HEAD information between the opening HEAD tag and the closing HEAD tag and BODY information between the BODY opening tag and the BODY closing tag only.

" < HTML > < HEAD > " Nothing in between the Head tags, appears on your page...this place is mostly for code instructions.


" < / HEAD > < BODY > " What is put here in between your opening and closing body tag, appears on your page.


" < / BODY > < / HTML > "


When you find your niche and begin to make your own website, go to your free html editor and begin. Lets start with the information that goes in between the HEAD tags. Put your cursor after the opening HEAD tag and type" < TITLE > " and then the title of your page before the closing TITLE tag and the closing HEAD tag.


This title is what is seen by the searcher when they search in a browser like Google for your website. This is not the title that appears on your page. It can be the same, but this title in between these TITLE tags does not show up on your page.


" < HEAD > < TITLE > "My Favorite Sports" < / TITLE > < / HEAD > "


Next we will put headers into the BODY section of the html. You are allowed up to six headers, but will seldom use them all. Type Hn ( where n = the number of headers) in between your BODY tags if you are going to change the look (font, color, size) of each header.


We will use three headers in this example but will not change anything, therefore we will just use H. The same rule works for paragraphs. You will only have to add a number if you are going to change something from the first one.


After the opening BODY tag in your html, type " < H > " for the first header. You will want to align the header next. You have left, center, and right as your options. Don't forget the title of the header.


" < BODY > < H1 ALIGN = center > "My Favorite Sports" < / H1 > < H2 ALIGN = center > Sailing < / H2 > "


You will also need to put P (new paragraph) in the html, at the start of each new paragraph of text to keep the text off the same line as the title.


Your html so far should look like this: " < P ALIGN = left > "I have been a avid sailor most of my life. I have sailed in the South China Sea, the Pacific, the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Carribbean." < / P > " You will need to align each paragraph or it will revert back to the align tag set for the title in the body.


You may add " < / P > " to end the paragraph but it is not necessary unless you have added some other tag, like ALIGN in the paragraph tag.


Your next paragraph of html should look like this: " < P ALIGN=left > "I learned to sail in Florida and San Francisco Bay and have taken many hands on classes as well. I also sail my own boat." < / P > "


See now, html for beginners is not that hard. Take it slow and get it right. We are not in a hurry. We will continue writing our code on our Html for Beginners 3 page.

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