by Jill

In this wonderful internet age, many doors have been opened for those that wish to work from home.

One great way to accomplish that is by freelancing. IF you're a writer, editor, graphic designer, coder, virtual assistant, etc. you can often find jobs online that only require the use of your skill set and your computer.

One of the best places on the web to find work is You can create your own profile and specify the type of work you are interested in doing. You can wait for people to find you, or you can search and bid on the many new projects that are out there.

As you build your portfolio, profile, and experience, more jobs will come your way. You can often set your own rate for how much you want to be paid per hour or per job.

I once hired an artist who was able to take my book and direction and create beautiful water color images for my children's book. She did an image for every page, including the front and back cover, and put them into the file type that I needed so that I could add them to the book I was creating.

I've also hired a graphic artist in the past to design a graphic image of my dog because he was the center of my brand and I wanted to use his image in logos and marketing materials, etc. is a great way to show off your skills and get paid to do what you're good at while you work at home.

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