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10-work-from-home-business-ideas.com logoHello, my name is Bruce Stilwell and this is About Us. I live in Southwest Florida in Semi-Retirement, enjoying the warm climate (except for hurricane season). I have been called Captain Lucky, although I true that success is based on hard work and knowledge, with a little luck thrown in.


I have had various work from home business ideas and have made them into businesses for myself as well as having a keen interest in simplifying the daily need for income. It just didn't seem right to me that the only ways to succeed financially were to work for someone else, or invest a large sum to start a business and hope for the best, especially when I could work from home and make money in business for myself.


During the 90's I began to see that the internet could be the vehicle, or missing link, that I needed to make it all come together. I took many classes in computer technology and marketing, and have found that combined with business, it could truly be the answer I have been searching for.


I now live on my sailboat in Florida, working on my various internet businesses, and enjoying life. It can be done and if you have the interest and drive to follow through you can find a work from home business that you love that will fulfill your financial needs.


We have designed this site with information and tools you will need to create the work from home environment you are looking for.

Thanks for stopping by,

Captain Lucky

The Better Half Of About Us

Bruce and Katie, this is about us.Hi there, my name is Kaite, and like Bruce, I have an avid interest in finding a way to not work for someone else since I have been in business for myself as a professional piano player and singer most of my life, that is until I went to college and became a molecular biologist at Michigan State, and I worked in molecular epidemiology for awhile. However when I decided to forego the snow and head for the tropics, I didn't realize that most of the work in that field of science is in the North, not in the South.

My need for searching through work from home business ideas was great as I no longer wanted to carry my heavy equipment around to play music. Since Bruce has taught me how to sail, I want to spend more time sailing with him and that gave me the desperate need to find my niche in a work from home business and work from home(or boat).


In 2006 I decided to figure out how to make web designs so I could make our webpages. I spent 3 days in a headlock with the webpage design program Dreamweaver, but I won. I put up my first website for my music. Then I spent the next 6 months getting my website together so we could make some money with affiliate marketing selling herbs and vitamins. I now work from home, or boat and find the slower pace much to my liking. I know about nutrition and truly enjoy helping others on this subject.


Since 2007 I have had an internet business website online making money and have learned about marketing and design for advertising. Sailors like us do not hold a day job in one place due to the desire for the adventure in sailing from one place to another. This makes working from home (or boat) perfect. We can go where ever we please and still only need our computers to keep our businesses running.


This is unlike anything else you can do. You work for yourself and can work from anywhere. If you would like to invest the time to learn about something new, unlike schooling, you can do this anywhere and can make your own business work for you. You will have to watch, learn and grow with your business, but we are here to help you.


It gives you a much better feeling than working at the same job everyday hoping, waiting, and wanting a promotion. This is your profit, not your bosses. And you can choose your own business. What a great feeling.


You have to set a goal and stick to it until you have made it reality. This will give you more confidence than you can believe, and make your life a joy to live.


Work from home and internet businesses are the best paths I know of to get you to your goal right now in this economy. If you need 2 incomes to get there quicker, you can even do this while you are working your day job. A work at home job is the the perfect job for any stay-at-home parent simply because you can set your own hours, and stay with your family.


Thanks for being our friends,

Kaite...who is also Mother of ShopMotherEarth.com


I hope you liked About Us, and if you would like to know more about us you can visit any of our blogs:




Mother's Natural Health Magazine.wordpress.com

and websites:




If you have any questions about us or anything else please Contact Us and we will be glad to help you.

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